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Spread the word, be kind!  Share…  April is tell a friend about internet radio month! Ok, actually, its not…  But it sound good!  

The Ladies On LIVE have invaded KaoticRadio.com

Rock Kaotic Acoustic I

Thats right people… Rock Kaotic is going Acoustic!  Come join us on Saturday, March 29th, at Dolce Gastro Pub in Montclair for a night of Acoustic Music, Good Beer and FOOD!  Who doesn’t like FOOD! 8:00pm, Dolce Gastro Pub…  BE THERE!

Sunday Funday…

What Matters? Football Matters…

Get your Nerd on!

Meanwhile… on The Blaine Humbles Show…

Here is the video that Ray was talking about today on the show…  Check out dudes panty hose on his head.  Classic! Back Live on Monday!

Are you a Walking Dead fan?


Just another Thursday on The Blaine Humbles Show!

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